CNC Waterjet Cutting Services

Dowengifab are specialized in waterjet cutting services with latest technology fine edge cutting we almost provide cutting for all materials and ability for hardness and thickness cutting materials with high accuracy and without utilizing heat and evolving devices. Our system are famous for the cutting of reflective materials such as alloy steel, copper brass, titanium, and aluminium, wood, marble art plastic and acrylic.

We even provide diverse cutting for extreme materials with most recent waterjet innovation gives perfect cutting and fulfil customers need. We provide abrasive waterjet cutting services with waterjet machine which will give smooth finish without leaving any rough edges. As opposed to laser and plasma cutting waterjet cutting doesn't create heat.

Our Waterjet cutting services gives quality and superior cutting edges all kind of delicate material is cut in proper length and proportion with good accuracy, 2D Waterjet Cutting Services gives you wide range of 2D shape cutting application which includes CNC machining, aerospace, architectural, construction, defence, wood working industries marble, granite ceramic tiles, stainless steel with high speed and specialized cutting.

With high qualified Waterjet cutting machine which utilizes supersonic method for cutting rough edges of any material, and moreover waterjet cutting machine uses only water for cutting even delicate product are cut to high standard level, product such as leather, rubber, plastics, foams, paper etc. With latest updated technology we provide waterjet cutting services at wide range.

The most favored materials are metals (especially aluminum, because it's relatively soft and cuts quickly), because waterjet can cut convoluted shapes to a high rigor quickly and economically. Although metals are the most well-known material cut by machining shops, waterjet tend to cut a considerable measure of metal.

Waterjet also commonly cut stone and glass, because the waterjet can get convolute shapes not possible using traditional machining methods. These materials are popular with artists who like to work with these materials and waterjet because it lets them create almost anything they can envisage. Waterjet cutting is an effective tool for the cutting of reflective materials and alloys including copper, brass, titanium, wood, acrylic and plastic. They make use of the technology which has high-pressure water being forced through a small hole to concentrate an extreme amount of energy in a small area.

Waterjet machining methods can get convolute shapes which are not possible by using traditional machining. These materials are prevalent with specialists who like to work with these materials because it lets them create almost anything they can envisage. Waterjet cutting is an effective tool for the cutting of reflective materials. Waterjet mince for all intents and purposes any material including mix materials - with combination materials, waterjet does not pose the threat of lamination. They can sometimes handle 3D material cutting and evince limited ability with sandwich structures and holes. Cutting materials with limited access is possible, but difficult. Waterjet cutting is not exactly as exact as laser cutting, with a base cut size slit of .02”.

Dowengifab Waterjet cutting services is a cool cutting innovation of both standard and abrasive waterjet cutting; our services cut any raw materials virtually to give perfect shape in first step only with perfect edge.

Dowengifab are experts and well known for Waterjet cutting services to provide best and fastest quality services to our clients, we mainly focus on client interest and requirement. Our main aim is client satisfaction; our assurance to our clients is that all quality waterjet cutting services and fabrication work will meet as per client requirement by dowengifab.

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