CNC Plywood Cutting

CNC Plywood Cutting Services can be used on a multitude of materials, for example thick coated plywood, different metals and one-millimetre-thick plywood.

Waterjet cutting is a highly effective, yet very gentle cutting method. A waterjet does not cause any thermal or chemical changes in the material, and there is no burning, melting, gas or slag formation, cracking or fracturing during the process

One of the biggest advantages is that CNC Plywood Cutting Services technology will cut virtually any material, its limitations confined only to diamond, tempered glass and some ceramics. Another big advantage is its inherent cold cutting quality.

This allows materials to be cut that would be burned, melted, or cracked by other cutting methods. Some thermal processes cause surface hardening, warping and emission of hazardous gasses. In contrast, materials cut with water jet undergo no thermal stress, eliminating such undesirable results.

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