CNC Laser Cutting

Our CNC Laser Cutting services provide any materials like all types of hardened Steel, carbon steel, all types of stainless steel, carbide materials, tungstun material, All types of alloy steel ,mild steel, aluminium, copper, Brass, Inconel, monel, hardox, weldox, titanium, spring Steel.

CNC Laser Cutting services allows us to cut intricate shapes from a wide range of materials upto 225mm thick plates. Water jet cutting uses an ultra high power water jet with an added abrasive agent to cut materials with pin point accuracy.

Tungstun material

Cutting Intricate Shapes in Metal

CNC bending jobwork
Brass cutting service mumbai
Copper laser cutting service mumbai

Cutting Intricate Shapes in Plastic

Brass laser cutting service
Plastic cutting shapes
Plastic intricate cutting shapes