Aerospace Sheet Metal Fabrication

Waterjet intensifier pump technology and abrasive waterjet cutting heads have been extensively used in the aerospace sheet metal fabrication services for cutting titanium, Inconel, brass, aluminum, and steel, as well as cutting composites from 1mm to 225mm.

There are No Heat-Affected Zones and no burrs or rough edges This makes KMT’s waterjet products an ideal cutting solution for the aerospace sheet metal fabrication services. There’s almost nothing that high pressure water and an abrasive waterjet additive cannot cut and cut well.


Manufacturers working with the military are constantly exploring advanced applications for the latest in lightweight, high strength materials. Cutting these exotic materials can pose a serious challenge to traditional methods. However, we do it with ease.

Waterjet cutting is a low temp process that doesn't affect heat sensitive materials. The low temperature of the waterjet stream also eliminates the exhaustion of harmful fumes and the need for containment.

  • Titanium cutting services
  • Waterjet intensifier